A youth confirmation retreat was held at the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer on April 17-18 for youth interested in the sacrament of confirmation. Teens from Redeemer and St. Martin’s got to know each other through ice breaker games and small group discussion upon arrival. Through prayer, group activities and fellowship, teens considered how they would make a mature commitment of faith.
The teens revised an ancient prayer from the Aidan compline, a Celtic prayer service. Here is their version, in their own words:

Our Lord, our Christ
Our shield, our fort, our protector
Through day, through night
Through light, through dark
Be near us
Guide us
Our treasure, our glory
Our Christ, our Lord
Our shield, our fort, our protector.
This prayer was said during a closing candle-lit worship service, led by the Rev. Stephen Waller, where the confirmands were wrapped in prayers by family members. Teens also created labyrinths, by rolling out balls of yarn on the sidewalk and in the grass. They created a keepsake to remind them to serve others and had a great time trying to “stump the priest” when the Rev. Scot McComas, St. Martin’s new rector, joined the group for lunch and a great discussion.

Many thanks goes to Stephen Bunt, youth leader at Redeemer and the Rev. Michael Wallens for offering generous hospitality and use of facilities. Thanks also goes to Shawn Higgins, Christian Kilmer, Joan Lamere and Norma Deleon who served as confirmation sponsors, leading activities and supporting the teens.
Here are some pictures from the youth confirmation retreat.