One of our local hospitals (THR-HEB in Bedford) has asked if we will pray for the staff, patients, and families affected by COVID-19 at THR-HEB. Many congregations in the surrounding communities are joining to pray for this hospital. Ultimately, we hope there is a vigil of prayer, with each church holding one hour per week. St. Martin’s has agreed to pray during the hour of 1 – 2 pm each Thursday, until this COVID-19 threat has passed.  
My experience at THR-HEB during this pandemic has opened my eyes to how our medical community is coping. HEB hospital has opened its fitness center so that staff can shower before they go home. Work clothes are put into plastic bags so they can be laundered separately at home. Staff walk into the hospital past triage tents already erected for a potential surge in patients. Families of first responders are worried that the virus will come into their homes.  
This is a difficult time in medical centers, and emergency responder centers here and everywhere. THR-HEB is actively reaching into its community to surround staff, patients, and families with a faithful expression of love. 
Please join me in praying for all people whose lives have been and will be affected by this virus, remembering especially those who risk their health to help us. 
Paula Jefferson
(PRN Chaplain at THR-HEB)