Corrie Cabes, our church Education Director, writes:

I’m writing to offer a special “thank you” to St. Martin’s people for their generous donations of snacks for the teachers and staff at Whitley Road Elementary. As I drove up to the school, everyone stopped what they were doing and smiled. The teachers and staff couldn’t believe that it took four people to carry in all the snacks! What really struck me was how surprised they were that we would think of them and I truly feel that this act of love will ripple through this school. As I left, it seemed that the teachers seemed a bit too happy to be returning to the classroom! I think we made their day!
Mother Amy and I will be meeting with our youth on Sunday, September 8th for lunch and a planning meeting. We plan to talk about how we can continue to “be” Christ in the world. We will look at how we might serve the teachers, staff and students at Whitley Road Elementary. We will also offer ways you can help this school. Look for more information coming this fall!