As leaders of our parish, St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church Vestry passes the following resolution each year to affirm the importance of stewardship for the parish and to make their personal commitment to stewardship:

We, the Clergy, Wardens and Vestry of St. Martin in the Fields Church, recognize that everything we have and all that we are is a gift from God – a gift that we are given to use in ways that contribute to God’s purposes. We are determined to seek and serve God’s call to us in all aspects of our individual and corporate life: in our work, our family life, this community, and Church. In addition to the dedication of our time and talent, we recognize that how we spend and share our money says a lot about our real values and priorities. Some of us are well off, others are not, but the amount given is less important than the joy of sharing as a thankful response to whatever God has given. therefore, we commit ourselves to maintaining a discipline of regular, planned giving, by pledging a definite proportion of our personal and family income to be set aside weekly for the support of the Church’s work on behalf of Christ’s Kingdom. We urge, through our own example, that the same standard and challenge be accepted by every member of this congregation.

With this covenant in place, we urge you to do the following:
1. Come to church the weekend of October 6th as the pledge cards are blessed and we are sent on our way to ponder how to answer God’s call of sharing our time, talent and treasure.
2. Read the bulletin inserts & online posts for the month of October and November and let the words of leaders across the church and your fellow parishioners flourish in you like fertile seeds.
3. Mark your calendars for the following important dates:

  • October 6 – Gratitude Sunday – Come celebrate God’s abundance in your life and prayerfully consider your response to those blessings as you pick up your pledge packets
  • October 9 through November 6 – Stewardship Bible Study – Every Wednesday Night starting October 9th we will facilitate a Stewardship Bible Study where we will explore what God calls us to do with the blessings He has given us
  • November 10 – Commitment Sunday – The last day of the 2014 pledge campaign where we will celebrate our faithful response to God’s blessings and our commitment to our community in faith at St. Martin-in-the-Fields

Faithfully Yours,
St. Martin-in-the-Fields Vestry