Sunday school for children ages 0-12th grade is held in the Education Building during the 10:30am Sunday service. Children ages 0-3 go to the nursery for their class. Children ages 4-12 grade head to the big parish hall.Children say the Lord’s Prayer together and return for Communion in the sanctuary. Next week, November 2, no Sunday school will be held. Join us for family worship service at the 10:30am service. A children’s sermon, youth readers and more are offered every first Sunday of the month.
Faithweaver NOW Nursery 0-3years
Our youngest children will continue the story of Noah’s Ark. They will sing songs about raindrops and see colorful ribbon rainbows. Children will learn that God never lies. They will build on the relationship they are forming with God with games,Bible stories and art.
Godly Play 4years-3rd grade
The children will meet Abraham this Sunday in Godly Play. This is will be a new story, recently added to the Godly Play room for the children. Children will find that Abraham was in a tough spot, having to choose between his son Isaac and obeying God. God sees Abraham’s faithfulness and makes him the father of many nations (Genesis 17:5).
Faithweaver NOW 4-6 Grade
Tweens are learning more about God’s character in the story of Noah’s Ark.This week we continue with Noah and his family returning to dry land. Using truths of scripture, tweens will decide when lies are told by playing, “Truth or Consequences.” Tweens will also talk about the impact of broken promises and why keeping promises is very important.
Faithweaver NOW High School 7-12 Grade
Teens will examine “floods” in their own lives. It is easy for younger children to trust God. But, teens have had disappointments and even friends sometimes break promises. This class will think about a situation where they are shipwrecked. Who would they save? Why? Comparisons will be made to being shipwrecked and the story of Noah’s Ark. The concepts of justice, mercy, compassion and faithfulness will be explored.