Thank you to all who donated to “The Shoe That Grows” Lenten Outreach Project. The donations totaled $1,000! This means that 50 children will receive a pair of sandals. This amount increased from 35 shoes to 50 pairs in a short two week period. This is such a blessing for the children – good job, St. Martin’s! We stood together during this challenging time, and we’ve stepped up to the challenge!
Please note the latest update from our representative at Because International:
“At this time, the factory is closed temporarily to protect the workers and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We continue to be in touch with our partners in Kenya and are hopeful that the delay won’t be long! We are grateful for each of you and for the ways you continue to spread hope and live out practical compassion within your ministries and communities.” Peace and hope, Sarah.
We’ve also received information about the workers in the factory that manufacture the “Shoe That Grows”: Pendo George is a member of the first team to manufacture The Shoe That Grows at the Umoja Rubber Company. In addition to saving up for college, Pendo says, “this work helps me because I use the money for many things. I am able to use the money to buy food, to pay the mortgage, and also to help my mother.”
But for Pendo, saving up for college will mean further education, more opportunities for work, higher pay, and a more secure future. She looks forward to having a family one day and being able to support them.
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