I’m always talking to the children and teens about the Holy Spirit.  I am sure that I mention “that’s the Holy Spirit” or “listen to that small voice…that’s the Holy Spirit” every time I talk to the youth in chapel.
Sometimes it is hard to describe the Holy Spirit.  Especially when we refer to the Spirit as “the Holy Ghost.” That can get downright weird sounding. As a child, I would picture the character Casper floating along in a friendly, but rather odd way when the “Holy Ghost” was mentioned in the church service.
I try to teach the children and teens that God uses the Holy Spirit to tell us what needs to be done here on Earth.  So when we see someone who is sad and we feel that we are supposed to sit and comfort them, we are being guided by the Holy Spirit.  When we get that uncomfortable feeling of seeing a homeless person, that is the Holy Spirit too.  We weren’t put here to be comfortable.  We live to make a difference through the love of Christ.  A small act of kindness may seem like it won’t make any difference in a world that is sad and sometimes very broken, but, it truly will! It will also transform us, and create hearts and minds that seek and know God.
In the past we have done Facebook campaigns with a “Flat Jesus,” a paper drawing of Jesus that we took to all sorts of places.  We took pictures of “Jesus” and posted on Facebook to remind us that Jesus is everywhere.  Now, I ask young and old to grab a “dove” in the back of church or online and think about where the Holy Spirit is guiding you? Post your dove on Facebook at facebook.com/stmartinkellertx.
Download your dove: