As the calendar changes from April to May, our family has seen quite a few amazing acts at home. In fact, it has become quite a zoo here as we discovered a blue jay’s nest and a baby blue jay. Some of you Texas Rangers fans may want to squawk hearing of these dastardly-feathered creatures, but I assure you no violence has occurred between us. We have only enjoyed watching the mother tend to the young and make sure it is big enough to fly.  
Just as our feathered friend has grown up and left, another gift was left for us over this past weekend: a cottontail rabbit decided to give birth in our backyard. I noticed this by accident while mowing. I quickly stopped and asked my wife Courtney to verify these were bunnies vs. rats or mice. Well sure enough, Courtney confirmed these furry animals were in fact bunnies and we counted seven in total! The kids are very excited to have these bunnies as our guests and have taken to naming each of them. They named them Willy, Skylar, Egno, Rocky, Lino and Beanie (this one did get a little hurt due to a slight dog incident, don’t worry it was sent to a rehab place and will survive). The names have no rhyme or reason; just names Brooklyn and Kellen came up with this week for each of the bunnies. As I am writing our Tale, the bunnies have gained enough strength to wander outside of their den and have begun their own trek into the big world.
As many of us have become stir crazy from the shelter in place or the stay at home mandate or in some cases only a small guideline, we have seen God’s work in the smallest things. We all have come to enjoy being outside and admiring what God has given us in nature, not just what we see in the normal hustle and bustle of a typical day. Going on walks has allowed us to see the trees go from small buds in early spring to full-on leaves. We also have observed the new growth of plants that came back after their winter hibernation and seen the seeds we planted begin to grow with a little soil, water and sun (or in our case, a UV lamp a neighbor is allowing us to borrow.) Of course, we forgot to label what we planted, so it is a mystery on whether the plants are basil, wild flowers or peppers.
So as we are all hunkered down and trying to stay safe and healthy, we are making the best of our situation and slowing down and allowing ourselves to see God’s amazing works.  Once this pandemic wanes and we return to a new normality, I hope we all stop and enjoy the wonderful works God has created…Sometimes it is better than binge watching that new hit show.  
Peace to you all and until we meet again…Deacon Henry said it best…”Brothers and Sisters in Christ, our worship has ended and now our service begins.” – Christopher Mullaney