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Here’s a tale from Mary Beth Butler, written on Friday, March 27, 2020.
Since retiring from UNT in 2016, I’ve worked at home with my husband Ken in our parking lot striping business based in our Denton home. I do the in-office work, like estimating, answering the phone, executing contracts, managing insurance, scheduling work. Our son (age 30) works with us. He and his family live in Krum, and our two granddaughters, 6 and 3, are the lights of our lives. 

Here’s a picture of my (always messy) desk.

Despite being accustomed to working from home, I find myself very disoriented because the things that keep my week regular (CHURCH, yoga and Jazzercise classes, regular dates with friends) are currently off the table. I’ve had to make a checklist to make sure I hit the major points:

One of the reasons we bought the house on Oak Street 20 years ago was the many large oak trees. However, that means we have complete shade, and nowhere to grow veggies or flowers. Yesterday I pulled out my AeroGarden and ordered some cherry tomato pods. I won’t be able to grow a Victory Garden, but I’ll have Victory aeroponic tomatoes! (photo is not of MY actual tomatoes…)
My other food plans include reorganizing my freezer and pantry and eating up what’s there. I’m too accustomed to the convenience of running to the grocery store on a whim. No more of that! 
My mom (as many of you know) lives in San Angelo, near my sister, in a nursing home. Because of the lockdown, no one can visit her, but fortunately she has a FaceBook Portal and can usually remember how to use it. I miss visiting her. 

I mentioned my granddaughters earlier, and I’m SURE you want to see a photo of them! Here they are with their parents at a wedding. Nash will be 6 in April and Nova will be 3. 
I miss you all! Can’t wait until we can all be together again. 
Mary Beth