The pandemic has been hard for everyone. But for moms who are juggling careers, kids, curricula, and kitchen duties, 5 months is a really long time. 
The Band of Moms group was formed years ago to bring together moms of all ages and stages for them to have a safe place to talk about their struggles and triumphs with a group that understands without judgment. Since the start of the pandemic, they have tried to stay in touch through Zoom. Unfortunately, about 8 weeks ago, the Band of Moms decided to take a hiatus. The moms are just too busy to even take some time out for themselves.
With that in mind, some of our staff got together and this week, a gift box was delivered to each member of our Band of Moms. In it are a few just-for-Mom items. But, perhaps the most incredible gift will be a homemade lasagna for each family. Our own Julie Sutton, a member of the Vestry and Quiet Committee who also juggles career, kids, curricula, and kitchen duties, said, “I want to do this for our Band of Moms!” Thank you, Julie, for your witness of living abundantly!
What is living abundantly, you ask? Deacon Paula Jefferson explains it like this: 
“When your life is filled just about as full as you think you can get, and you still are able to find a way in the daily chaos to choose to lean into someone else’s needs, that is living abundantly. And you never know what you’ll discover when you say yes to doing something outbound and generous. Often when you help meet the needs of others, somehow, miraculously, your needs get met as well. Life will still get done. I encourage everyone to try to live abundantly.”
Though the Band of Moms is not currently meeting, they are making plans to get back together soon. If you’re a mom who is interested in this group, please contact Liza Goodner at