The Rev. Susan Slaughter, our assisting priest, retired on February 25, 2018. She celebrated Holy Communion at the 10:30 am worship that day, and we thanked her at a retirement reception after worship.
Many spoke in appreciation, sharing how her ministry impacted them. As a gift from our people, Father Scot McComas gave Mother Susan a crystal cross.
Mother Susan came to St. Martin’s in spring of 2015, joining us in the pew in worship, and served as our assisting priest from August 2015 to February 25, 2018. All at St. Martin’s felt the warmth and sincerity of her welcome in our worship. We appreciated the depth of her sermons, always assuring us that God loves us. She comforted and reassured so many through pastoral care in hospitals and homes. She taught in our Wednesday Study group and in our Sunday Bible Study, and regularly helped us deeply explore what God’s Word has for us. We had occasional glimpses of her ministry at Starbucks which were shared in her sermons, and we know that there she helped others connect with faith and work out the kinks in life. We are truly grateful for her service among us.
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