Super Service Sunday was a joyful event! On December 11, over 60 folks joined in making sack lunches in the school building for Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County (UGM). Lunches were made in record time and were loaded into vehicles to be transported to UGM. This year we’ve made over 2,400 sack lunches for UGM!

Our volunteers packed a quick sack lunch for themselves, grabbed maps to UGM, loaded gingerbread houses, juice and cookies to share, and traveled to Fort Worth to spread some Christmas cheer with UGM families. Teens and adults from Trinity Episcopal Church in Fort Worth joined in on the fun with several containers of hot cocoa, cookies, gingerbread houses and candy to adorn each house. Our teens and volunteers reconnected with their “mission trip buddies” from Trinity. It was a reunion of sorts for these friends who bonded over the the New Orleans mission trip this past summer.

Our volunteers took a moment to sing Christmas carols and Bates Pulliam played his guitar, walking around to each table, while families smiled and worked on decorating gingerbread houses and sipping hot cocoa and juice.
Teens and adults sat with families and helped them create gingerbread house masterpieces. Meaningful moments and connections were shared as volunteers and the families chatted and smiled, loving on little ones and grabbing a few more candies to place on rooftops.
Ziva the service dog brought lots of cheer as she calmly walked from table to table, with families smiling and giving her a well-deserved pat.
zivaThe event was a wonderful way to help us all remember the true meaning of Christmas and come together in the service of others. As we ended our time at UGM, volunteers gathered and the Rev. Andrew Wright from Trinity said a prayer of thanksgiving for our people, giving thanks for the joy of two churches coming together to reach out to the people of UGM.

Big thanks

Your prayers, donations and support made this event a hit! There are so many folks who helped out and it was a true blessing to be joined by our sister church, Trinity.

Donations needed for January’s Service Sunday

Your kind donations keep Service Sunday going. Join us on January 8 at 12 pm in the school building to make sack lunches for Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County.
Can you help by donating:

  • large boxes
  • grape jam (easier to spread than jelly)
  • granola bars, Rice Krispie treats, Nutri-Grain bars