Sunday School for kids ages 3 – 6th grade has a busy March lined up! Read what’s at the heart of our lessons each Sunday at 10:30 am:

March 4:

No Sunday School – First Sunday Family Worship

March 11:

Preschool (3-4 years old): “God Makes a Covenant with Abraham” – God’s knowledge is unparalleled. There is nothing that’s a mystery to him. He understands everything that is unfathomable to us. He understands calculus and physics; he knows what there was before the universe existed. God understands not only the deep, big mysteries, but also the smallest details. He knows the thoughts and motivations of people; he knows about each hurt and joy we experience; he knows when a swallow falls from the sky. Such a God is to be trusted and worshipped.
Godly Play (grades K-3): “The Mystery of Easter” – The stories of Lent and Easter are the focus of the Godly Play lesson. “The Faces of Easter” is a series of stories which tell a narrative of Jesus – his birth, being found in the Temple as a boy, his baptism, his experience in the desert, his work, his offering of bread and wine at the last supper, and the Easter experience.
Grapple (grades 4-6): “Jesus Heals, Prays, and Preaches” – Fifth and sixth graders will have no problem believing in Jesus’ care, but they will struggle with the reality of Jesus’ care only because they can’t see or feel him. To kids this age, caring must be very concrete and tangible. For preteens, our modeling of Jesus’ care is important in communicating that Jesus cares about them. The all important encouraging words that greet them as they arrive, the hugs they receive “for just being you,” and the careful attention we give them as they talk are all ways we can show kids that not only do we care for them, but so does Jesus.

March 18:

Preschool (3-4 year olds): “Issac is Born” – There are so many reasons to take joy in the God we serve. God is loving. God is honorable. God is righteous and holy. God is dependable. God is tender and merciful. God is just. God is continually at work in our world. In this lesson, we will teach children that God’s promises are true.
Dig In (grades K-3): “Roman Officer Demonstrates Faith” – In this lesson, we’ll learn that Jesus has authority over everything and explore how he used that authority to heal someone! We’ll look at what the Bible has to say about Jesus’ authority. The Bible is God’s special book. God uses the Bible to talk to us. He’s always here, and he wants to talk to us now!
Grapple (grades 4-6): “Jesus Calms a Storm” – Fifth and sixth graders deal with many fears. They fear that the changes in their bodies may not be normal; they fear they may not appeal to those of the opposite sex; they fear being different from others their age. In the midst of all this fear, they need the peace and assurance of unconditional love. We will use this lesson to minimize the fear in preteens: offer them love they don’t feel they have to earn or be good enough to receive; be accepting of them and patient with them; love them unconditionally.

March 25:

Preschool (3-4 year olds): There are so many things about God that are simply beyond our understanding. One of those things is God’s ability to hear the prayers of every person on earth no matter when they pray and no matter how many other people are praying. This is especially good news for kids. Children spend a lot of time looking for attention from adults. Adults are often too busy to give the kids the time or personalized attention they crave. But God has plenty of time and attention to give to each of his children. God hears us no matter what and God is patient and loving with us. He hears us when we’re spiteful, when we’re sinful, when we’re hurting, and when we’re afraid. God celebrates our joys and triumphs. He gives us what is truly good and helpful to us. Such a God is worthy of our worship.
Dig In (grades K-3): “Jesus Eases John’s Doubt” – Jesus is the Messiah. In the simplest terms, it means that Jesus is a rescuer. Kids have problems in their lives that they want to be rescued from. They may wonder, as John did, if Jesus is really going to be their Messiah. This lesson will help kids see Jesus has already rescued all of us and has made a way for us to be personal friends with God.
Grapple (grades 4-6): “Four Friends Help a Paralyzed Man” – Tweens have a hard time understanding that good people can do bad things or they are bad and do good things. It follows then that when they sin and fall short of their ideals, they can easily begin to doubt their salvation. Help kids know that sin and falling short are very much a part of our walk with God as we discover more and more how to follow him. We will use this lesson to help kids embrace God’s forgiveness.