This Sunday, we’ll take a closer look at the Bible story of Noah’s Ark:
Our youngest children will learn about the animals that gathered on Noah’s big boat and play games, sing songs and have a fun time. Miss Mayra and Miss Georgeann will ask “what animal makes this sound?” It will be a fun Sunday for our young ones.
Our Godly Play class will reflect on the story of Noah’s Ark. They will see the story come to life; retold with a wooden ark, animals and a timeless journey that teaches children that listening to God is important.  They will learn that God keeps promises.
Our Faithweaver Now Class for 4-6 graders will have a great time acting as reporters who interview Noah.  Tweens love to challenge rules and ask questions, so this lesson on obeying God and understanding Noah’s faithfulness will be interesting to explore.
Teens will take the story of Noah’s Ark even further.  What does this story mean for our lives?  How is God portrayed in this story?  Who does Noah represent?  Let’s dig deeper.