Thank you to all who participated in our VBS drive through outreach project. We collected 30 bags for 4Saints Episcopal Food Pantry, including 11 backpacks, 20 canvas shopping bags and one rolling suitcase!
This year, families needed bags to transport food items from 4Saints Pantry. The Outreach Committee convened to include the VBS Outreach Project 2020 to help implement this plan. Special thanks for the support of the committee for achieving this goal during unprecedented times! Each year during during Vacation Bible School we include an outreach project, which helps to teach children how much God loves them, and how to share God’s love with others. In our church community, we model what we teach our children, and we seize every opportunity to magnify outreach!
Thank you to our wonderful St. Martin’s teen volunteers, Laini, Bates and Lexi Pulliam, who helped collect bags from cars, while keeping safe.

History of 4Saints

4Saints Episcopal Food Pantry located at St. Luke’s in the Meadow Episcopal Church is an Episcopal food bank within our deanery. The Meadowbrook area of Fort Worth, where St. Luke’s is, has many low-income families, and hunger is an issue there. This is the only food pantry in the area. In 2016, St. Martin’s joined St. Alban’s, Arlington and St. Stephen’s, Hurst in support of 4Saints, in order to get this important ministry started. St. Martin’s also purchased paint for the renovated space and collected money for food as the pantry opened. We help sustain it through donations that you provide.