photo of J. Wilson giving a stewardship minute at St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church in Keller/SouthlakeI have a few points I want to touch on in my “minute” with you… each of them worthy of a complete sermon complete with chapter and verse quotations.
First the tithe. 10% of everything goes back to God. That’s huge! 10% of gross income, 16.8 hours/week (that’s 2 full work days). That’s huge! And it’s hard. So in order to work toward that goal there are two schools of thought.
The first is Progressive Giving…
If you are not tithing, give what you can, but keep track. $1/week, then $5/week then $10/week over time is excellent progress toward the monetary tithe. Yes, $1/week can make a difference. (A tank of gas or a hot meal may be just what someone needs to continue their journey of faith.)
The second is Percentage Giving…
Start at 1% if you can, then 2%, then 5% (it actually seems to get easier with time).
I heard Aubrey ask that 100% of the parish pledge. Although that is a tall order, let me share some canvassing experience from corporate America. 100% participation is easy: please pledge what you can. A pledge of $0.00 plus prayer is a valid and an appreciated pledge. The ability to volunteer makes that even sweeter. Yes, money is important to pay the bills, but fellowship, service and community make us a family.
God gives us everything. Can we give back to his agents on earth at least some of it?