Daniel Wagner and his family

My family and I came to Texas and then to St. Martin’s in 2017. We had no idea what we were in store for, but the St. Martin’s welcome bread that was delivered to our home should have tipped us off. Two years later: One St. Martin’s School graduate, another on the way through, participating in PTA meetings, helping out with Holy Mowers on occasion and singing in the choir – St. Martin’s has become a central force in our physical and spiritual home.
When I was asked to contribute this article on stewardship, I was honored but nervous. Just like walking through those doors a couple years ago, I didn’t know what to expect. My writings feel a bit like an attempt to examine personal imperfection. So let’s agree the goal is progress.
Stewardship means a lot to me. While earning my Eagle Scout, my father always taught me to leave things better than I found them. That means doing the little things today to keep what we love going so it may provide us joy tomorrow. Later, when I was starting out on my own, my father further taught me that his spiritual life was directly tied to his ability to contribute to something bigger than himself. Time, talents, treasure – he taught me to give what you can and you will feel the change in your life. He said his giving was an expression of his spiritual condition.
Fast forward to our life at St. Martin’s today. My family gives in thanks for what we have received. I now understand what my father was trying to communicate to me: My giving IS a reflection of my spiritual condition. My father’s words also hold as an inspiration to not just attend church but to be ‘a part of’. To me that means contributing wherever we can as a family. I teach my children these values today through leading by example. The girls love the fun of dropping an envelope into a shiny silver tray too. When they do that and when my family gives, it allows me a deeper spiritual connection because I feel closer to the Church. I am not just a passenger but a contributor. And I hope too, as they grow older, to share with them the deeper experience about the stewardship of our church and how I have come to understand that “faith without works is dead.”
In our home we call any type of positive maintenance, like chores or work the method by which we show our possessions, people and things our ‘love and respect’. The Wagner’s have decided to transform that lesson to ‘Stewardship’ in recognition of our family’s growing maturity. Please join us this year in stepping up our collective giving to our church, being a part of something bigger than ourselves and examining our imperfect lives so that we may find love through the acts of kindness we provide one another in this beautiful journey together.

Consecration Sunday
October 20
One Morning Service at 10:30 am followed by
A Complimentary celebration lunch
catered by Spring Creek Barbeque

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