The “secret giver”, otherwise known as St. Nicholas, made his yearly visit on Wednesday, December 4th during St. Martin’s preschool and academy chapel service.  Lots of music celebrating the season flooded the church and the students and teachers joined in as Fr. Mike played the guitar.   Then the excitement began!
Alison Zukowski, a parent of an academy student,  rushed into the church to tell the students that St. Nicholas had arrived!  St. Nicholas entered with a special giving box. The children were in awe and squealed with delight!  St. Nicholas told the students that he is called the “secret giver” because he loves to leave a gift when people aren’t looking.  He knows that this “secret giving”,true giving from the heart, delights God.  Then a brainstorming session began about how the children could be like St. Nicholas.  Could they give their place in line to another child?  Could they share a toy? Perhaps they could make a card for someone?
At the end of chapel, the students gave St. Nicholas a gift by reciting the Lord’s prayer.  St. Nicholas was so touched that he promised to return next year and visit the school again.  The children were so thrilled to receive a gold coin in their shoe at the end of chapel.  St. Nicholas ended his visit by visiting each class and giving each child a candy cane out of his special giving box!
At the end of the day, one child approached me as I was leaving and said that chapel was very special today.  He said that he shared with a friend to be “just like St. Nicholas.”   How will you be “just like St. Nicholas” this Advent?
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