There are those times in your spiritual life when you wonder, “What’s this all about? Where am I going?” And at those times it’s important to ignite a little spark in that life! One way to do this is to visit with a spiritual director to check things out. Keep in mind that a spiritual director does not “direct” you but walks along with you as you do some thinking about what’s going on with you and God.

The Rev. Diana LaCrosse is ready to take that walk with you. She is available by appointment to meet you in the chapel at St. Martin’s, a holy and quiet place. Phone Deacon Diana at 682-593-7705 to schedule a day and time to meet.

Diana received her training at the General Seminary of the Episcopal Church and is a member of Spiritual Directors International. She has served as a deacon in the Diocese of Nebraska and the Diocese of Dallas, and she is currently licensed in the Diocese of Fort Worth.

We are all spiritually hungry. We all need someone to walk with us. To give us the courage, to give us the incentive, to give us the inspiration. And that’s what a spiritual director is. That’s what we do. ~The Rev. Dr. Carol Vaccariello