Our Search Committee is planning and preparing for the Rector Search process, even as we are in shelter-in-place mode during the Covid-19 pandemic. A key first chapter of that process will be our Self-Study Survey, in which all of you will describe your experience, needs, and hopes for St. Martin-in-the-Fields as a church, and for our next Rector. Your participation is vital!
We will deliver the survey via email, to individuals aged 16 and older. This means each of you needs to either create or update (for accuracy and completeness) your individual profile in our church database, Breeze. It cannot be overstated how important it is for each person to do this, making sure to input the correct name, email address, and birth date, so we can be sure the survey gets delivered to those who need it.
If you have never accepted an invitation from Breeze, please look for a new email in the coming days, and follow the prompts to create your profile. If you don’t see one, check your spam and trash folders.
If you already have an account, log in here and be sure your & your family’s info is correct, particularly email addresses & birthdays. If you have any trouble, please call the church office at 817-431-2396.
Not a member yet, but would like to become one? Thought you were, but haven’t received an email? Please call or email the church office at 817-431-2396 or stmartin@stmartininthefields.org.
The deadline to update your profile to ensure you will be a part of the survey is July 1, 2020.
Please reach out to your group and/or ministry members and leaders for support and questions about this as needed; they are supporting our effort. Ask each other in your Zoom meetings if you all have gotten it done or need support from each other in working with the technology if you are unfamiliar.  Offer your support to others for this too!  
Please stay tuned for the survey. A launch date will be announced soon. We look forward to your participation.