This year, St. Martin’s decided to offer up something a little different than our traditional Epiphany Pageant, an event called “A Night in Bethlehem.” For weeks we planned, organized, and crafted, pulling together all the little details that make events special around our church, and on Saturday night, December 3, it all came together.
Approximately 130 people joined us for our evening in “Bethlehem.” Participants came in all forms: church members and their friends, school families and visitors. The turnout was splendid, and all glory be to God!
We wanted to create an event that would welcome guests and engage them in a multi-sensory experience so they could spend some fun-filled time together at the beginning of Advent, a season of hope. We served up cups of hot chocolate, delicious chicken sandwiches & some scrumptious Christmas cookies. Then we sent everyone out and about the “Bethlehem Market,” where they experienced activities at the Bakery, Metal Shop, Scribe’s Tent, Pottery Shed, Painter’s Tent and the Stable. These station experiences were a huge hit among youngin’s and not-so-youngin’s alike.
St. Martin’s is blessed to be a church community that really gets behind and supports its kids through its Children’s Ministry. A call to help is never left unanswered by our parishioners and they line up time and again to volunteer with whatever needs doing. St. Martin’s volunteers are simply the best, and to them we say, “thank you!”
What’s next for Children’s Ministry? Why, we are not too sure yet, but you can rest assured that it will be fun, crafty, and joyous! And, for that we say, “Amen.”
Click or swipe through to enjoy photos of the evening in this Flickr gallery.