Here are the results of our Regather Survey. You’ll see 2 numbers on the pie charts. The first is the number of responses, the second is what that number represents as a percentage. For example, 34, 32% means that there were 34 responses, which represents 32% of those polled. There were 102 participants in this survey.
Below the graphs, you’ll see a summary of the comments that were gathered. If you have any questions, or would like to contact us, please email the team at
A regathering plan for St. Martin’s will be published soon, in conjunction with the plan set forth by the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth.
Question 1:

Comments on question 1: 
The overwhelming sense of these comments was, as one person said, “Follow the science and common sense.” Many mentioned relying on advice from public health officials to stay home until two weeks of a drop in cases is seen in this area. Most respondents indicated that their answer to the question would depend upon the plan St. Martin’s puts forward. 
Question 2: 

Comments on question 2:
While the survey indicated most plan to attend weekly, the comments centered on when, with the overall sentiment of “it depends.” Concerns were mentioned about safely receiving Eucharist, passing the Peace, etc. Some mentioned planning to continue online worship temporarily or indefinitely.
 Question 3: 

Comments on question 3:
Preferences were for Saturday or Sunday services, and for services coinciding with Youth Group and Sunday School activities. 
Question 4: 

Question 5:

Question 6:

Question 7:

Question 8:

Question 9:

Comments on question 9:
Some are attending elsewhere online; some do not like online services; busyness and technical difficulties were also factors. 
Question 10: *Note: Only 51 respondents to this question, some had multiple answers

Comments on question 10:
Calls are appreciated, as are ongoing small-group activities on Zoom. There was a request for a noontime offering and for email contact. 
Other comments:
Concerns range from proper cleaning of pews and other surfaces to changing the way the Peace is exchanged and how Communion will be administered safely. Most indicate that they are erring on the side of caution and are willing to continue with online church for as long as it is prudent. “Don’t rush it…Jesus and St. Martin are still there.”