The following policy was approved by the vestry on February 15, 2015.   Download a PDF copy of the policy.

St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal School Playground Policy

The fenced playground and its equipment (subsequently referred to as the “Playground”) adjacent to the West Parish Hall is for the benefit and enjoyment of the children attending St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal School (subsequently referred to as the “School”). Children of the parish at or below the age of six years old who are attending approved church, School or School functions or who are attending Saturday or Sunday church services may use the Playground so long as access is provided through the action of a responsible adult (i.e., a parent, a member of the School staff, a member of the Vestry, or the Rector and his staff).
Access Limitations:
Children and others may access the Playground only while one or more responsible adults are present within the Playground’s confines or are standing at a location which provides a clear, uninterrupted line of sight to and across the entire Playground.
The Playground will be closed after dusk and before dawn and at any time that its grounds are wet from rain or coated with snow or ice.
Children whose ages exceed the design specifications of any individual piece of equipment on the Playground will not be allowed to play on such equipment.  As soon as practical or whenever equipment is replaced or modernized, design limits for each piece of Playground equipment will be summarized and posted by the School Director.
Playground Maintenance Objective:
It is the policy of the Vestry of St. Martin-in-the-Field (subsequently referred to as the “Vestry”) to keep the Playground, its equipment and related improvements in a good state of repair, as specified by the manufacturer or under applicable State and local regulations , statutes, and permits.
Maintenance Responsibilities:
When in School use, School staff will be responsible for the policing, care, and clean-up of the Playground and the improvements found therein.
Adults supervising Playground activities during approved church or School functions or on Saturday or Sunday will be responsible for policing, care, and clean-up of the Playground and the improvements found therein.  As one of his or her duties, the Vestry Person-in-Charge will ensure that Playground gates are closed and secured prior to his or her departure.
Necessary repairs to all Playground equipment and improvements must be reported as quickly as possible to the Vestry’s Junior Warden and to the School Director.  It will be their joint responsibility to determine how best to undertake and complete repairs.  Furthermore, it will be the responsibility of the Junior Warden to review and approve for payment all costs related to repairs undertaken to the Playground.  Such costs will be budgeted for by the Vestry and will be paid as an operating expense of the Parish.
Replacement of Playground Equipment, Grounds and Fences or Purchase and Installation of Any New Playground Equipment:
It will be the responsibility of the School Director to inform the Vestry through its Junior Warden whenever any Playground equipment has reached the end of its useful life, is in need of repair, or must be improved to meet any then current State or local regulations or statutes.  It will be the responsibility of the Vestry to consider and, if the need to act is found to be justified, fund any improvements to the Playground.  This same process will be followed whenever a new piece of Playground equipment is to be purchased and installed.
Whether Parish capital or operating funds will be used in the replacement or repair of Playground equipment and grounds or in the purchase of new equipment will be made at the time a decision is being made to purchase or repair Playground equipment or improvements, based on the particulars of each individual request for funding.
February 15, 2015