We’ve received an update from Carter BloodCare that tells of the success of our January 22 blood drive. We gave 16 units of blood that day. Blood is separated into three components, so each donation will impact up to 3 patients. That means that over 48 patients in North Texas will benefit from our donations. This is our church’s best turnout since 2010:

  • Donors seen: 14
  • Whole blood: 12
  • 2RBC: 2=4
  • Total lives touched: 48

Blood has a shelf life of 42 days, and our community is always in constant need. Blood donated will be tested and on the shelf for patients in one week. If you were unable to donate at church, please save a life and donate at one of Carter BloodCare’s donor centers.
Thank you to all the volunteer donors for helping to replenish the community blood supply. You really did give life.