St Martin’s Comes Through Again


131 pairs of socks were collected for Presbyterian Night Shelter in March 2021

Donations of socks to the homeless of Fort Worth may not seem like a major “thing.” However, if you’ve ever been in a situation where you can’t change your socks on a daily or weekly basis, you’ve got blisters from not wearing socks or, you’re wearing socks with holes in them, new socks are a luxury. 

New socks can also mean a homeless person has what they need for that job interview coming up. In other words, socks mean a lot!

So, as a congregation, we just improved the life of 131 Homeless Persons and provided comfort for 262 feet and 1,310 toes. 

Thank you, St. Martins, for your generosity and desire to help.

Bless you!

Dick Seeber, Outreach Chair