a stewardship reflection by Steve Anderson  
Good Day! My name is Steve Anderson, Junior Warden for St. Martin, as well as the Memorial Garden director. I am ending my three year term and now it is time for someone else to step up and bring their time and talent to the vestry. Years ago, I was where many of you are, busy with children, my job and other commitments and didn’t feel like I had time for anything extra. I found my ministry and my way of giving back as the Memorial Garden director and all things related to the grounds at the church. As Junior Warden, I grew in my giving by being in charge of the building and the maintenance of the church. The Stewardship Campaign using the TENS Network was something new to me and I find it to be an effective tool. Thanks to Audrey Hardman for facilitating this campaign with a refreshing enthusiasm. It looks at giving and stewardship in a very different way and should make all of us thing about what we can do for the church – both financially and our time and talent. It takes all three components in order for the church to be successful. The concept takes us out of our comfort zone and encourages us to look at things differently. I am stepping out of my comfort zone speaking in a public forum.
In the reading this week one of the reflection questions asks, “can you pray with a willingness to let go of control over the outcome?” I certainly had to let go of the control over my fear of speaking publicly but I hope that I can make my point about stewardship in a way that moves others to make changes. The financial aspect is letting go of my fear of giving more each year and wondering how we personally work though it in our household. It seems to work and we feel comfortable giving more each year, even it is a small increase.
I started years ago dropping money in the plate, later writing a weekly check and a making a commitment. I began to get more involved as the Memorial Garden director and later running for the vestry and again, became an involved member of the church, both financially and with my time and talents.
Hopefully now you will let go of the control over the outcome and trust that by giving more of yourself financially and with your time and talents and find the joy and satisfaction that I have found the last few years.
I challenge all of you to make a commitment and find in your heart to offer up the help that this church community needs by giving of yourself with your time, talent, and your help financially.