Lent begins with Ash Wednesday – this year on March 6, 2019. We invite you to use Lent as a time for reflection and growth. Here are a few materials for Lenten devotions:

Devotional series: Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John

The Society of Saint John the Evangelist (SSJE) and the Center for the Ministry of Teaching (CMT) at Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) have collaborated on an offerings for Lent, created to help you deepen your relationship with God.
This year, they invite you to use one of the past four year’s video series as a part of your Lenten Journey.

Devotional series: Praying in Color

Praying in Color offers adults and children a way to mark the day-by-day journey of Lent daily praying & drawing with a calendar template.
The author says, “It doesn’t involve making false promises to myself about sitting down for thirty minutes a day and praying/studying/meditating and then feeling guilty when I fail… I think of each mark or stroke of color as a wordless prayer.” Several calendar templates are offered, along with suggestions for ways to pray with doodling.

Growth & learning on the lighter side: Lent Madness

Join a happy group of Episcopalians for Lent Madness! This is an engaging way to learn about the men and women who are on the church’s calendar of saints. When you sign up on the website LentMadness.org, you’ll receive notifications of the daily competitions. It’s a tournament-style bracket that progresses through Lent, leading you to learn about important people in church history and to discuss them with others in social media. We’ll have a copy of the bracket in the church office for you to review, too.

Episcopal Relief & Development Lenten Meditations

Available in English and Spanish, this year’s devotional from ERD looks back on ten years of meditations from many gifted writers, teachers, theologians and spiritual guides. You can use this guide as a way to discern what you find nurturing and life-giving as you travel through your Lenten journey. You can pick up a booklet when you are at church, or order a booklet of meditations or signup for daily emails here. All materials are free.