Author: Susan Kleinwechter
Drawing on momentum flowing from the Spiritual Awareness group, St Martin’s is  publishing twice-a-week spiritual reflections on the Bible readings from the Daily Office Lectionary (BCP p. 934) during the season of Lent.   Each reflection is written by a lay person from St. Martin’s. We hope you enjoy each and every one! We hope that they will challenge you to read about and think about God’s Word in your life.
“What’s the Daily Office Lectionary?” is a good question that some may ask. A lectionary is a list of scriptures recommended for reading on a particular day. The Episcopal Church actually uses 2 lectionaries. The Daily Office Lectionary has readings for every day, and is arranged on a 2-year cycle; we are currently in Year One.  The Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) has readings for Sundays and Holy Days, and follows a 3-year cycle.
We chose to use the Daily Office Lectionary’s scriptures for the lenten reflections primarily because the readings are different than what we enjoy when we worship together on Sundays.   We will publish lenten reflections on Tuesdays and Fridays. Why not read the Daily Office Lectionary every day in Lent, and not just on Tuesdays and Fridays?  You can find many sources online, but one popular source is from Mission St. Claire ( Many people enjoy it because it has readings along with prayers.
We’ll be publishing lenten reflections via email AND in a newer form – a blog.  A blog is a “web log,” or a website-based journal.  Please share the lenten reflections with your friends, and ask them to subscribe via the “Join our Mailing List” button in the email or “Sign me up!” button on the blog site. Then they will automatically have new lenten reflections sent to their email address.
It’s exciting to be reading and sharing our thoughts about the Bible!  This blog offers an opportunity to converse online.  Sharing your comments and reading other peoples’ comments are truly engaging activities you can do with blogs! If you want to comment on a lenten reflection, click on the lenten reflection title in the top of the email to go to the blog site, and post your comment in the rectangular box below the blog.