St. Martin’s Lenten outreach project to provide trees received generous donations, and our church will be giving $736.60 to Episcopal Relief and Development(ERD), the international relief and development agency of The Episcopal Church, for reforestation. Thank you to all who gave – together, we’re giving 736 trees! The trees we give will help with erosion control, to reforest hillsides to prevent mudslides and to help farmers maintain their land and food source. Fruit trees given can sustain nutrition and income.


Fruit trees

The invitation of Lent to transform us from one state to another, inwardly, and in our response to the world, had a call to prayer with our tree-focused prayer banner.

We were invited to offer something to God that we, with God could work on together. People of all ages put notes on our tree-focused prayer banner. The call was simple: Get a leaf, write a prayer, put it up on the banner, and be reminded when you see it next to pay attention to what you and God were cultivating. People of all ages participated in this fruitful activity.

God of grace, transform us as we live in covenant with you, other people, and creation. Continue to transform us from one state to another, inwardly in our thoughts and hearts, and outwardly, as we respond to others and to our world. Amen