ecfvp-pasture-partnerships-600x400The July Vestry Papers from Episcopal Church Foundation Vital Practices includes an article by Susan Kleinwechter, communications director for St. Martin-in-the-Fields. Susan answered the call for contributions related to the challenges related to owning and maintaining church properties.
Susan wrote about about the partnerships our church has with both the City of Southlake and Fever United Futbol Club to use our fields for sports, and the benefits these community partnerships have given us. She connected with former wardens and leaders like Bob Bess, Jack Bailey, and DJ Mitchell and with Fever United Coach Constance Smith, to our story.
After hearing from Susan and other contributors, Nancy Davidge, editor of ECF Vital Practices, wrote, “I knew this Vestry Papers was really about mission and vision as well as bringing people together. Or, to ‘borrow’ a phrase from your diocesan website, ‘the ways we bring Christ to a world in need of love.'”
You can read the story “Pasture to Parnerships” here.
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