A Good Friday family service, led by the youth of St. Martin’s, featured three stations to think about Jesus’ journey to the cross.
Adults and children tasted the salty “tears” shed by Jesus’ followers and thought about what it must have felt like to experience the deep sadness felt by Veronica and Mary as they watched their beloved Lord struggle in pain on the dusty road that would lead Jesus to his death. Red paper hearts became prayers, laid upon a cross by the bare altar. Legos were used as colorful symbols of sadness, pain and confusion; transforming a flat plastic Lego platform into a beautiful work of art.
Youth musicians led touching musical performances. Rose Ackley, accompanied by Christi Hardy, offered, “Were You There?” a ponderous song filled with sadness and soul-tugging grief. Reserved sacrament was offered during this service, linking everyone to the empty table of Good Friday.
The bulletin featured stunning artwork from Tina Morehead and the youth of St. Martin’s, which added another layer of depth and meaning to the service. Many thanks goes to Anika Barbarito for a wonderful bulletin for this service.
At the closing of the service, Justan Presley, Alison Zukowski and Christi Hardy led the congregation in the hopeful, encouraging, “Go Now in Peace.” Children, teens and adults were invited to linger at the three station and take a hot cross bun to remember that even though there is sadness at the remembrance of Jesus’ death, there is hope and sweetness in the promise of everlasting life. This special service attempts to serve as an offering during Holy Week, to honor Christ and connect children, teens and adults to a contemplative, individual space to examine faith and respond to God’s great love.
Many thanks goes to all the teens, schedulers, staff, volunteers, families, bakers, clergy, acolytes, musicians and worship  leaders who made this service possible. Thanks also goes to the congregation and leadership who support our youth in their ministry.
Visit our flickr gallery to view photos from the Good Friday family service.