St. Martin’s Transition Committee would like to invite you to an informal gathering to personally meet our new rector, the Rev. Alan Bentrup, who is looking forward to meeting with you all. We hope you and your family will participate! 

Small Gatherings

We will plan small gatherings for parishioners within their zip codes, to keep attendance small and reduce the need to travel too far. These gatherings may take place in a restaurant, coffee shop, or in a parishioner’s home. You’ll get to meet not only Fr. Alan in person, but your parish neighbors as well!

Host a Gathering

Are you able to host a gathering in your house? No elaborate plans are needed; the Transition Committee asks that you can provide some simple finger foods and refreshments.

We need to hear from you!

To facilitate these gatherings the Transition Committee would appreciate your feedback. We’re asking for meeting preferences, your zip code, and whether you may be able to host a gathering. Don’t delay! Deadline to let us know your preferences is October 31.

After we compile the information, we will notify you of the schedule of gatherings. Keep in mind that depending on COVID numbers, changes to the schedule may occur.