The Easter Lilies are blooming in St. Martin-in-the-Field’s Memorial Garden. I tend the fountain in the Memorial Garden and clean the nameplates of our beloved members that have gone ahead. This spring the usual cascade of live oak leaves has really built up on the ground and the acorns and leaves crunch and pop as I move about. Last week it was still, amazingly, without many bugs, but this week the mosquitoes have hatched and are seeking the living! My service dog Madeira comes with me to the quiet of the garden and enjoys laying in the ivy watching me, unless of course there is a bunny to chase.  We get scolded by various birds and see all the locals including a pair of red-tailed hawks that like to hang occasionally in the live oaks. The garden goes on, without a bother of who is in the building or on the grounds. The daffodils bloomed by the tall angel statue and then they left, the purple Iris bloomed on the west side of the fountain and are gone, and this week the Easter lilies are glorious, showing that it is still Easter season and we are truly the Easter people. We are continually changing all the time; just recently these changes in the “norm” have been abrupt. I talk to God in the outdoors and especially in our Memorial Garden. I am thankful for the constant presence of God’s Love.
Yours in Christ,
Becky Snell & Madeira
St. Martin’s welcomes anyone who wishes to enter our solemn Memorial Garden to meditate, pray, or visit with those who have gone before us.