daily-prayer-for-all-seasons-book-coverEpiscopal News Service  announced Daily Prayer for all Seasons, a new book of daily prayers developed by the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music of The Episcopal Church. It’s being called “a daily office for the 21st century,” suitable individuals, small groups, and congregations.
This prayer book offers much for a daily prayer discipline, including a variety of images of God, inclusive and expansive language for and about God, and a rich variety of language, including poetry, meditation, and prayers from the broader community of faith.  Clergy, teachers and spiritual leaders across the Episcopal Church contributed to the work.
Daily Prayer for All Seasons has been published in English and Spanish in various formats by Church Publishing Inc. It is available in print and in eBook versions including Kindle, iBook and Nook formats. The print volume can be imprinted with a recipient’s name. Soft cover and leather-bound editions are available. View or download a 37-page sampler from the book.

A call to prayer that sounds through the hours of our days and nights, revealing God with us as the seasons turn. This generous book is simple and rich at the same time, full of beauty and shaped for use. May it open the prayer of those who pray alone and deepen the prayer of groups.
—Sara Miles, Director of Ministry, St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church, and the author of Take This Bread and City of God, San Francisco, California