Calling all parishioners!
We know you are busy, but please read this and help if you can!!
St. Martin’s is in the process of starting up a brand-new seasonal newsletter.
We are looking for parishioners (kids too!!) to share their stories, photos, artwork, or anything else you may want to contribute.
We’d like one or two stories/perspectives about stewardship for this issue. We would also like to know if there are any events coming up, and how to get involved with stewardship.
In addition, If you have taken pictures in the past, we’d like to have pictures from the following events: Blessing of Backpacks, Blessing of Animals, Festival in the Fields, All Saints Day, Thanksgiving or any other event that you may have taken pictures of from last year for the time period of September through November. We will also need permission to publish any pictures, so please let us know who the pictures are of so that we can make the necessary contacts.
For any of you artists out there, and I KNOW we have some great talents in this parish, we would love to publish relevant artwork.
Mev Metulevich and I will be gathering information and plan to have the Newsletter published by the end of August. Please submit your stories, pictures, artwork, or anything else by August 15.
If you have any questions, please email Mev at:
or Anika at:
Or you can call the office at 817-431-2396
Thank you so much for your contributions. We are looking forward to seeing them!!
Anika Barbarito
Administrative Assistant