Don’t miss the Festival in the Fields’ Chili Cookoff on October 15, 2016 with prizes for first, second, and third place. You can…

  • Sign up & bring a chili! We need to know you’re going to bring a chili so we have the right amount of space and room for yours.
  • Judge! We need judges for a blind tasting. Please email Linda Snow at <email address removed> to say you want to judge.
  • Power up! We need extension cords and power strips. First 10 people to bring in a power strip or extension cord by 10 am on the day of the Festival will get a free taste.
  • Eat! Buy some chili after contest judging! Chili will be sold with tickets like other food items.
  • Give info to your friends! Please spread the word to your friends.

Contest information for participants:

  • When: Bring your chili between 10 – 11 am. Blind judging will begin at 11 am. Tasting will begin after 11:30 am.
  • List allergens: Be ready to name your chili and list any potential allergens in the ingredients: peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, wheat, soy, fish, shellfish.
  • Name it! Name your chili. Be creative.
  • Keep it warm: Bring your chili in crock pot or bring a warming plate for your chili, and please bring serving utensils.
  • Condiments are great! If you think condiments will enhance the chili-eating experience, please bring them.
  • Winners & prizes: Winners will be announced & prizes awarded immediately after judging.
  • Sign up! Your chili needs its place, and we have to reserve the right amount of space for a lot of chili, plus plan to keep all the chili warm. Use the form below or sign up in the back of the church.

Sign up:

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