In August, children will explore scriptures from the Old and New Testament including Ephesians, Exodus, John, Kings, Proverbs, Joshua, Deuteronomy, James, Mark, and the Psalms from the lectionary calendar. We will engage with readings from Common Prayer for Children and Families – The Day of Pentecost Prayer, “When Pentecost Day arrived, they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages,” Acts 2:1-4.

Children will also engage using the lesson plans for Godly Play and crafts from Ministry to Children. 

All children pre-K through 5th grade are welcome to join in the meeting on Zoom! Email Children’s Minister Liza Goodner at for the link. 

Starting August, 22, we will resume in person Children’s Christian Formation classes starting at 9:15! Get all the info here! 

Until then, all children pre-K through 5th grade are welcome to join in the meeting on Zoom! Email Children’s Minister Liza Goodner at for the link. 

How to connect:

  • Watch worship services online anytime
  • To get the link for Zoom Sunday school classes at 9:30 or to get reminder text messages, email
  • We post recorded Godly Play Sunday school lessons & other interesting news to the St. Martin’s Facebook page
  • If you are new and want to plug into St. Martin’s children’s activities, please fill out a permission form and email to Liza.
  • The church staff are here for you! If you need pastoral care, prayers for you or your family, resources, or anything else, please let us know!

Children’s Happenings:

Children and Youth Family Nights:

Please join us for movie and pool nights! Parents are welcome to drop off their children for Movie nights. Two safeguarded (youth protected trained) adults are present. 

Please contact Children’s Minister if interested in utilizing the nursery for movie nights. Plans are underway for opening the nursery for worship services. Parents are encouraged to stay with children on Wednesday pool nights. 

Movie nights and Pool Night dates for June, July, and August:

Contact Liza for addresses & more info.

Aug 11: Pool Party at the Pulliam House 6-9 pm. Potluck style, bring a side, desert, or drinks (non-alcoholic) to share. 

Aug 20: Movie Night at Church- Large (East) Parish Hall at 6:30.

Sunday, August 22: Christian Formation, 9:15 Godly Play and Sunday school for all ages, Children, Teens and Adults! Details are here!

Christian Formation

Good News Garden

Children and Families are welcome to volunteer with the Good News Gardens, our raised Garden Beds that benefit 4Saints Food Pantry!  Look for updates here, and via email. If you would like to participate please email

More information about Sunday School:

Children's Sunday School on Zoom

Good News Garden