St. Martin’s Episcopal School celebrated the Blessing of the Stuffed Animals on Tuesday, September 29, 2015. The students gathered in the church for Chapel, each snuggling or waving a favorite stuffed animal. Chaplain Corrie Cabes welcomed children and families with song and prayer. Miss Corrie told the children,  “I want you to know that when you love something very much that love is truly real, so let’s give thanks to God for our stuffed animals.”

God, we think of those children who need God’s comfort and love and we pray for them now. We thank you for the gift of stuffed animals, for time to play, and someone to hold when times are tough. God, we want to feel you close to us all the time. Let’s hug are stuffed animal and remember that you are always with us. Amen

Everyone was invited to come forward for a blessing for their stuffed animal.Each child shared their animal’s name and a prayer of thanks with Miss Corrie or the Rev. Scot McComas. This service sent each student to tackle their day, filled with God’s presence and love.
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School Blessing of the Stuffed Animals