The Bishop is coming!
Mark your calendars for 10:30 am on Sunday, February 27, as Bishop Scott Mayer will be joining us!
At this service, Bishop Mayer will confirm and receive any adults who are interested (we will be having youth confirmation prep in the fall).
The time is short, so let Father Alan know by Monday, February 14, if you are interested, and he can talk with you about necessary steps to prepare. You can speak with him at church, or email
Confirmation, Reception, Reaffirmation: Which is right for you?
Confirmation is a mature, public affirmation of your faith, celebrated by the prayers and laying on of hands by our bishop. It is a celebration of your baptism and your desire to live out your faith. If you were baptized as a child (in any denomination) but were never confirmed, this rite is for you.
Reception is for those who have been baptized and confirmed in a Christian denomination that has a ritual of confirmation (such as Methodists, Catholics or Lutherans) who wish to join the Episcopal Church.
Reaffirmation of faith is for those who have been baptized and confirmed, but seek to publicly renew and reaffirm their faith in the community at St. Martin’s.