Art at St. Martin’s on September 2 was a delightful gathering, with over 30 people enjoying stained glass by St. Martin’s member Gil Kleinwechter. We shared nibbles and beverages and conversation around art, taking in glass displays and workshop tools.
Gil got started in stained glass over 8 years ago, taking a couple of classes at Hobby Lobby with his then-middle-school-aged daughter. He’s been inspired to create messages of welcome in church. He created the first of the two lower stained glass windows in the back of the church for a diocesan art show, then finished the second lower window. The windows were were hung and dedicated on June 15, 2014.
Gil explained and showed the hands-on process of creating with glass and metal, and the glass and tools used to take a design from paper to completion. People enjoyed walking up to and examining the full-sized plans and the beginning of construction for two stained glass windows for the choir loft, and many held up glass samples to see the colors and patterns. The choir loft window design includes a colorful burst pattern like the lower windows. The pair of windows will have the musical notes and score for the Doxology, “Praise God from whom all blessings flow.”
Gil showed pieces he had created, and older work of others artists, along with “found objects” suitable for stained glass and photos of pieces installed in people’s homes. Like other artists, he is inspired by what he sees and experiences, and enjoys bringing forth a concept from words and ideas into metal and glass. With the solid and inflexible nature of glass and metal, his work, like carpentry and construction, requires much planning.
After the choir loft windows are completed, St. Martin’s may consider the six windows in the sanctuary that face the parking lot. Gil has been asked to bring ideas and a proposal to the Vestry. To gather ideas and listen to others, he asked everyone to write their ideas in response to this question:
“What is St. Martin’s story? What story do you want to tell in stained glass in six windows in our church to inspire and encourage others?”

As we hoped, each art showing is different and unique, offering everyone a new experience at gallery showing. View photos of the event in this flickr photo album, or swipe through below.


Art on December 9

Our next gallery will be December 9, from 6-7 pm with painter Kathleen Dello Stritto, a member of St. Martin’s.

Invitation to show your art

All are invited to consider showing their art at St. Martin’s at our quarterly showings. Help spread the word! Do you or someone you know work with canvas, fabric, paper, photography, iconography, metal, glass, clay or mixed media? Perhaps you have a curated collection to share with the community. You or a group of collaborators can share an evening with us, inspiring our creativity, and letting us enjoy yours. Contact if you are interested or if you have questions.