Art at St. Martin’s on March 11 was a delightful gathering, with over 50 people enjoying art by St. Martin’s member and artist Linda Seeber. We gathered and socialized and learned more to unlock the creative side of our brains, enjoying over 30 paintings and tools. Linda explained her creative process and shared that she has been inspired by family and by travel. We appreciated what she captured in painting beach scenes, landscapes, flowers, home scenes, and pet portraits. Linda prefers to work in oils, enjoying the movement that oil gives, but shared some gifted watercolor pieces.
Sometimes Linda has just used what’s at home, where she has a studio, to experiment and create. She shared examples of using whatever was at hand to create unique effects, from water and glasses from the kitchen in a canvas painting to fabric scraps and yarn from the sewing room in a mixed media piece.
Linda enjoys teaching art, too.
As we hoped, each art showing is different and unique, offering everyone a new experience at gallery showing.
View photos of the event in this flickr photo album, or swipe through below.