St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church posts some photos on our website to illustrate the articles and stories we tell, but we also have a photo account on the social photo site Flickr. Flickr has been a reputable place to host photos, giving us a quick and eye-pleasing display on all devices, 1 terabyte of storage (a lot!), the ability to organize photos by albums, the ability to store the high-resolution images that we all want, the ability to declare a license for photos, and assorted other technical features.

Can I download that picture? How?

Because Flickr is where we have full-resolution images, it’s the place you’d want to download from. Yes, you can download photos, even full-resolution photos. Click on an album and use the download icon on the featured image to download a zip file (this icon looks like a down arrow); click on an individual photo until it is displayed at full resolution, and use the down arrow below the photo. You will have a choice on sizes to download.

What can I do with the photos I download?

As far as St. Martin’s is concerned, you can download and print, or share photos from Flickr. Each photo uploaded to Flickr has licensing applied; often you’ll see All rights reserved. Often you’ll see a Creative Commons license, which may show up as Some rights reserved. As you view individual photos on Flickr, those license declarations are always linked to information to explain what the license is, so no one ever has to guess.