Dear St. Martin’s parishioners,

Our school is so blessed to have such wonderful support from all of you, and we want to extend our gratitude for your recent help.

First, I would like to thank you for all of the school supplies you donated at the beginning of the year. Having school supplies on hand gives us a head start on the school year and helps our budget, too!

Some of our children creating a “helping hands” painting.

Second, Dr. Andy Babbili and his team are traveling to Hyderabad, India on Wednesday for six weeks to treat people in leper colonies. With the help of donated supplies they will be able to treat even more people. We delivered supplies to Dr. Andy on Sunday, and he was so appreciative of all the supplies and support. Our school children also loved being able to help the sick. It was wonderful to see them get so excited to bring in items to help others be healed. One little boy brought tears to my eyes when he excitedly brought his bag to me and said he is “giving his Thomas the Tank Engine tissues for the sick people.”

We love that the school and church are working together on service learning. Each month, we are incorporating what we’re learning in school with service learning (outreach) projects. This month, we’re collecting teddy bears for the children at Cook Children’s Hospital PrayerBear Project. This will tie into our Bible verses and stories of helping others, as well as learning about St. Francis of Assisi as we celebrate the animals in our lives. We’ll be blessing stuffed animals in chapel this week!

What fun it is to see the joy in children when they give to others! Thank you again for all of your help and support.


Serin Stanford
Director, St. Martin’s Episcopal School