Dear friends in Christ—
I have been reflecting on my time with you at St. Martin-in-the-Fields. I cannot help but think that this church— all of you— ought to be congratulating yourselves with prayers of thanksgiving. What has happened is that the Holy Spirit has been moving in this community and all of you have been open to the possibilities which presented themselves. An amazing staff, a wonderful community filled with radical hospitality and a willingness to take risks have put St. Martin-in-the-Fields in a good position to move forward with a new rector.
It is because of this that my last Sunday with you will be on November 9. I have accepted a call to be the Priest in Charge at the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Irving, Texas.
I give thanks for the opportunity to serve our Lord with you. I am looking forward to hearing what adventures and opportunities await you and your new Rector.
I leave with a deep sense of gratitude for the love and support I have received from this church.
For this wondrous world you have created,
 and re creating still,
  mountains and seas, lands and peoples,
   beautiful beyond all telling of it,
    we thank you O God of us all.
For the laughter and wonder and wisdom,
 the longing and caring and trusting
  that link us at our core,
   and shape our shared future,
    beautiful beyond all telling of it.
     we thank you O God of us all.
For your promise to be with us always,
 to disturb our consciences,
  ignite our curiosity
   gladden our hearts
 compose our wills
  deepen our relationships,
   rouse your image in us,
    we thank you for shaping our lives and this parish
     to become beautiful beyond all telling of it,
      o God of faithfulness and ingenuity.
For your claiming our lives
 to serve your kingdom of justice and peace
  and to share its joy
   in redeeming the soul of our time,
  as we join to help your human family
   become beautiful beyond all telling of it,
    we thank you, O God of power and glory;
     through Jesus Christ, our brother and Lord.
The Rev. Michael Wallens
Interim Rector