We had a fantastic Fun Faith Field Day on Sunday, May 18! So many people worked to make this a fun way to wrap up Sunday School for the children of St. Martin’s. Here’s a recap of this fun day:

It Started with EYC

Last Wednesday night, the teens met in the fields to plan out the games for Fun Faith Field Day. We played games such as “Baptize the Baby,” where teens had to run with a partner and a baby doll down to the “baptismal font” tub and baptize the doll using three different colored sponges to signify “Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” Once the doll was properly baptized, the teams would run back with a lit candle to signify the light of Christ, given at Baptism.
IMG_6655a-kids-games_FunFaithFieldDay IMG_6669_FunFaithFieldDay
We also played a “Crazy Communion” game where the teens spun in circles until they felt extremely dizzy and then attempted to walk a straight line to another teen who was waiting to give them “Communion” or a high five. We tried out a couple more game ideas and had a blast together, laughing, running and beating each other up with pool noodles. (All in good fun!)

Sunday Funday

Sunday rolled around and it was time to put all the plans into action. The teens and volunteers were ready for fun! With popsicles, water bottles and snazzy sunglasses they set the games up and went into church. The service began and Fr. Mike called the children, teens and volunteers up for a blessing. We went on our merry way and the games began! Each team got to play three games and then we took a popsicle break! So much fun!

Then the congregation joined us outside in the beautiful memorial garden where we said prayers, broke bread and had Communion under the shade of the trees, with the birds chirping and the breeze gently blowing. To my delight, the choir, with Christine Faughts’ gorgeous violin solo, created beautiful music that the congregation joined in and sang as one big parish family. It was a delightful morning, and a reminder that God is always present in the midst of those who join together for worship and prayer. What a blessed day at St. Martin’s!
IMG_6698a-worship-in-garden_FunFaithFieldDay IMG_6708a-worship-in-garden_FunFaithFieldDay

Many Thanks

This event wouldn’t have been possible without the EYC and their families, clergy and acolytes, the choir, our willing congregation and fantastic volunteers. At the heart of this event was a single purpose to celebrate the joy that the children bring to all at St. Martin’s. It was a wonderful celebration of life and love!
See all the photos in this event’s Flickr album.