Annual parish meeting on January 28, 2018

The annual parish meeting of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church was on January 28, 2018. In worship this weekend, Rector Scot McComas shared his report. At noon on Sunday, we shared a delicious, bountiful potluck and conversation at tables, elected diocesan Convention representatives and Vestry members, reviewed the budget, looked back on a year of service to God, and looked forward toward our future of worshiping and serving God together.

We thanked our outgoing Vestry members Jack Bolerjack, Charles Busey, Courtney Mullaney, and Ike Ogbue for their service and gave them a small token of appreciation.

Diocesan Convention delegate elections

We had six open positions for delegates to the November 9-10 Convention of our diocese to be held in Decatur. We had six nominees: Christopher DeClerk, Keen Haynes, Susan Kleinwechter, Ed McGlaston, Becky Snell, and Joel Walker. All six were elected by acclamation. For alternates, Ron Hitchcock, Ann Luttrell, and Linda Snow were nominated from the floor and elected by acclamation. Learn more about who can serve on a Vestry and as a Convention delegate here.

Vestry elections

We were truly blessed to have eight exceptionally-qualified nominees to the governing board of our church, the Vestry: Christopher DeClerk, Sharon Dudek, Keen Haynes, Ed McGlaston, Chris Mullaney, Ike Ogbue (who was eligible for re-election), Becky Snell, and Garrison Sutton. After many ballots, we elected four: Christopher DeClerk, Ike Ogbue, Becky Snell, and Sharon Dudek. They will serve three-year terms ending in January, 2021. Our Vestry works to ensure our parish ministry is carried out in accordance with our parish values, mission, goals, and priorities, and according to the
constitution and canons of our diocese.


We continued a mostly-paperless meeting to be good stewards of our resources. We provided a printed budget summary and agendas on each table. All were encouraged to download materials before they came, and links to information were included in our weekly eNews and and published on Facebook. The presentation materials from the rector’s report in church and from our meeting in the parish hall are included in the list below. View or download each PDF by clicking on its link:


Enjoy photos in this Flickr album; click on the photo below and swipe through the gallery.