Annual Parish Meeting Highlights

Thanks to all who participated in last Sunday’s Annual Parish Meeting and to all who contributed reports. 

In addition to the written and verbal reports, there were several highlights of the meeting. 

The Rector Search Committee reported on their progress, including the release of the Parish Profile, which will assist in attracting applicants for the position of Rector. 

Treasurer’s Report – DJ Mitchell, Parish Treasurer, reported that the parish is financially stable and expressed gratitude for the remarkable generosity demonstrated by members. Over 98% of the budgeted amount pledged was fulfilled. The 2021 Budget, adopted by the Vestry on January 17, is balanced with a small positive balance. 

A Charter for a legacy society to advance the endowment for St. Martin-in-the-Fields was unanimously adopted at the meeting. The name is a reference to the cloak St. Martin of Tours cut in half to share with a cold beggar beside the road. After that act of compassion, St. Martin had a dream in which Jesus said he had shared the cloak with him. Those who inform us that St. Martin’s is included in their estate plans or make a direct contribution to the endowment will be included as members of St. Martin’s Cloak.  

Mission & Governance – Members were invited to consider finding a place of ministry in the parish. A document has been published on the parish website to explain how we are organized for mission and governance and the roles of most of our ministries. 

Elections – Outgoing Vestry members were thanked for their service. New Vestry Members and Delegates to Diocesan Convention were elected and were installed along with the Wardens.

Elected to the Vestry 

  • Amanda Alvarez – Class of 2024
  • Mary Anderson – Class of 2024
  • Melissa Kurkul – Class of 2024
  • Jim McManic – Class of 2023
  • Joe Stark – Class of 2024 

Wardens Appointed 

  • Keen Haynes – Senior Warden
  • Bob Bess – Junior Warden
  • Christopher Mullaney – Junior Warden 

Elected as Delegates to Diocesan Convention 

  • Mary Beth Butler
  • Christopher DeClerk
  • Ed McGlaston
  • Keen Haynes
  • Mark Pulliam
  • Dan Wagner – Alternate
  • Bob Garrity – Alternate 

Other Officers 

The new Vestry met following the Annual Parish Meeting and elected the following officers: 

  • Mary Anderson – Clerk of the Parish
  • DJ Mitchell – Parish Treasurer

A Prayer for Our Elected Leaders 

O Eternal God, the foundation of all wisdom and the source of all courage: Enlighten with your grace the Vestry, Wardens, and Convention Delegates of this Parish, and so rule their minds, and guide their counsels, that in all things they may seek your glory and promote the mission of your Church; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.