Announcing small group gatherings – Foyer Groups!

St. Martin’s is planning to start small-group gatherings for food and fellowship. In an Episcopal church, there is a traditional name for these groups – foyer groups. Foyer groups will start up close to Advent, in the late fall/early winter.

History of foyer groups

The English word foyer is derived from foier, the French term for hearthside, which projects an image of warmth and comfort. For untold generations it has been customary for Americans to welcome old friends, family members and newcomers into our homes by gathering at the central hearthside to celebrate special occasions, to enjoy times of fellowship and share moments of camaraderie. In tune with this time-honored tradition of hospitality, Anglican and Episcopal communities encourage formation of small informal gatherings called foyer groups. They provide a way to develop new friendships and deepen old ones by sharing a friendly home or place, sharing food, and gathering in a Christian context.

Fast facts about foyer groups

How many people are in a group?

Usually 8-10 people.

Will I pick the people in my group?

No, that’s the fun. A foyer committee will mix up, shuffle names around and place you in a group with some people you will know well; others may be new to you.

What do we do?

The group gathers around a simple meal and conversation; there’s no agenda. Gatherings typically last two hours. You will get to know people in a small group setting.

Do I have to host at my house?

No. Each group and members will decide where & when you meet.

Need more information?

Contact Fr. Mike or Corrie Cabes!


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