An update from first meeting of “Saying Yes in the Mess” women’s group

from Courtney Mullaney

We had a great first meeting on Thursday, June  12 to discuss the formation of a new group for women in our parish, “Saying Yes in the Mess.” I think our consensus (when we could actually focus on the topic at hand–tough because we were chatting so much!) was that we would alternate meeting at the church and in people’s homes or at restaraunts. We’ll sign up as ‘hostesses’ and the hostess will decide the location. All of our faces brightened when we decided to do snacks & games – board games, card games, Bunko. . . the details will be up for grabs.

It is our intent to open each meeting with prayer & sharing our joys and concerns. The specifics are flexible, so in time, we may decide to read a book or watch a short movie and discuss.

With varying sports and such, it is tough to come up with a night that works for all – I’m thinking we could do Sundays or Thursdays once per month, but could make it more frequent if we decide as a group that is best. Let’s shoot for Sunday, July 13th, even though July is a busy travel month.

Stay tuned as we launch this new group! We will likely have to ease into what works for those interested before we fall into a routine. If you have any questions, please me, Courtney Mullaney, at

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