An Invitation to Human Flourishing 2022

The Church, and in particular our Church, can’t fix all that is wrong in the world – or even what may be wrong in our neighborhood. Standing to challenge our faith and strength is a world filled with many voices willing to stoke the smoldering embers of disquiet:

  • Our worries about losing what we have or not getting what we want;
  • Our fears about people we don’t know, and who we may believe, rightfully or wrongly, could be a threat to our way of life; or,
  • Our feelings of resentment about people who may have been given some “underserved” special treatment or who have failed us in ways big or small.

These challenges and others by no means render our church irrelevant. We have shown we are capable of making a difference.

Who else can draw from some 3,000 years of tradition that shows us how to reconcile our differences, bring purpose and meaning to life, and build a community whose members are willing to simply ask the question, “what may I do to help?”

St. Martin-in-the-Fields Human Flourishing classes are all about finding a path between one’s inclination to raise the bridge across the moat we sometimes build around our lives and one’s desire to look as far afield as possible with a goal of placing everyone else into little boxes labeled, “These I like” and “These – not so much.” More importantly, our classes are not about enlisting anyone to become a nameless cog in some movement’s machinery bent on pitting groups against each other.

We read. We discuss big ideas – and small ones too. And we’re not afraid to ask and try to answer questions that are at the heart of our faith, at the center of Sunday lessons and sermons, and at the foundation of the words of dismissal which close each and every one of our worship services.

Human Flourishing 2022 starts on January 25. Please join us on zoom. If you want to learn more, journey on here, or just ask anyone who finished our 2021 program.

New Book Starts on January 25

On January 25, we begin a new book adventure together: Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’ Not in God’s Name. DJ Mitchell will be our facilitator. For the first session, please read through Chapter 2.

Even if you have never attended Human Flourishing, this is a good time to enter or re-enter the discussion. Rabbi Sacks’ will lead us into the Hebrew Scriptures with a fresh approach and a keen eye. His insights regarding human nature will help us understand the violence that happened at Congregation Beth Israel last week. It is a timely work for us to absorb.

Click here for the Zoom link.